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How to find your tyre size

When you are looking to buy new tyres it is important that you have the correct tyre size for your car ready. The new tyres can be any make or tread pattern you desire, but you must make sure that the size matches what you currently have on your car. It consists of a group of numbers and letters that can be found on the sidewall of your tyre existing tyre.

In this example the tyre size is 205/55R16

205 is the tyre width (in millimetres)

55 is the tyre’s profile/height

16 is the wheels diameter (in inches)

After the tyre size is the load and speed ratings.

91 is the vehicles load index (the maximum load the tyre can carry)

V is the tyre’s maximum speed rating (after this speed the tyres performance drops drastically)


Use the following graphs to see what your tyre’s load and speed ratings are.

 Speed Ratings


 Load Ratings