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Michelin Tyres

    Since its establishment in 1889, Michelin has always been at the frontline of innovation. Automobile products like removable tyres, ‘green’ low-rolling tyres, radial tyres, run-flat tyres, etc., are a testament to Michelin’s technical prowess. This French tyre maker has won more than 100 awards in Formula 1 races. Recently, the brand has entered into a four-year contract (2020-2023) as an official sole tyre supplier of Formula 1 races.

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    Top-selling Michelin tyres Ashford

    Pilot Sport 2

    Part of the popular Michelin Pilot range, Pilot Sport 2 is a performance summer tyre. Initially, it was developed as Original Equipment on some of the reputed sports cars and performance sedans. This summer variant from Michelin is notable for delivering dry traction, reliable handling, and cornering precision.

    Alpin 5

    With a new directional tread pattern, additional tread blocks and sipes, Alpin 5 delivers optimal snow traction. Its specially formulated Helio compound contains sunflower oil which helps this tyre to remain supple even during freezing winter conditions.


    Michelin has manufactured this all-season variant with a high-density silica compound that maximises traction and ensures low rolling resistance and stable performance. Further, its advanced tread design is developed with two layers that help to minimise overheating.

    Latitude Sport 3

    Featuring a two-ply carcass, Michelin Latitude Sport 3 efficiently tackles off-road challenges. This 4x4 variant from Michelin has been specially engineered with a mix of silica and the latest in elastomer technology to ensure enhanced fuel efficiency.

    Our collection of Michelin tyres also includes:

    • Primacy 3 Zero Pressure (Run-flat tyre)
    • Latitude Sport (Performance tyre)

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