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Blacklion Tyres

    Blacklion has been operating in the tyre manufacturing industry since 1995. It is a subsidiary of Shandong Jinyu Tire Company. It has its production facilities in China and Vietnam. Blacklion tyres are now sold in over 100 countries globally.

    SBL Mobile Tyres is a reliable tyre shop offering Blacklion tyres Ashford. We stock an extensive collection to meet our customers’ diverse driving needs. Moreover, we house tyres for every vehicle make and model to cater to a broader clientele. In fact, our experts can also help you choose a suitable set of car tyres Ashford based on your requirements.

    Buy Blacklion car tyres online

    You can now purchase your preferred Blacklion tyres Ashford online through our website and conveniently end your search for tyres near me. Please key in your car registration number or tyre index to browse through available options. You can then choose accordingly to meet your driving requirements.

    Further, you can also book our services of mobile tyre fitting Ashford while you are finalising your online purchase. Please provide us with a location and time of your choice, and our mobile tyre-fitters will do the rest.

    Blacklion tyre categories in our stock

    Winter: Winter tyres from Blacklion come with a deep and specially developed unique tread pattern and design. Coupled with a soft rubber compound and high sipe density, they deliver enhanced snow traction, ensuring your on-road safety on wintry UK roads.

  • Winter Tamer W506
  • Summer: Blacklion’s summer tyres are manufactured with a harder rubber compound and a shallow tread depth. This offers increased grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. An optimal tyre-surface contact helps extend its service life.

  • Blacklion BH15
  • All-season: These tyres feature an all-adaptive rubber compound along with an intermediate tread depth. These tyres perform their best in moderate weather conditions.

  • 4Seasons BL4S
  • 4x4: Wide shoulder blocks and enhanced load-bearing ability make Blacklion 4x4 tyres a common preference among off-roading enthusiasts. Reinforced sidewalls offer improved grip and control on difficult terrains.

    4x4 tyres are of three types: all-terrain (A/T), highway-terrain (H/T) and mud-terrain (M/T).

  • Run-flat: Run-flat tyres or RFTs are suitable for car owners looking to maximise their on-road safety. These tyres continue to deliver uncompromised on-road performance despite a puncture or blowout for nearly 50 miles, at speeds up to 50 mph.

  • Blacklion Champoint BU66 101W XL RFT
  • Apart from these, we also house a wide range of Blacklion car tyres Ashford in performance and UHP segments.

    Therefore, delay no more and contact SBL Mobile Tyres. We are happy to help you.

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