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Pirelli Tyres

    Pirelli is a name that is synonymous with motorsports, and the company is famous for its high-performance and ultra-high-performance tyres. Pirelli began its operations in 1872, and its association with motorsport started in 1907.

    Top-quality Pirelli tyres Ashford are now available with SBL Mobile Tyres - one of the leading retailers in this region.

    Buy Pirelli tyres Ashford online or offline

    You can now buy your favourite Pirelli tyres both online and offline. You can find a product of your preference by entering the tyre size on our online tyre finder. It’s that easy!

    You can also schedule an appointment for our competitively priced tyre fitting services.

    Take a look at our top-selling Pirelli car tyres Ashford and take your pick!


    Enjoy the best of Pirelli’s racing heritage with this summer tyre curated mainly for urban usage. The focus here is to reduce the tyre drag, improve fuel economy, and ensure a more comfortable ride.


    If you are planning a cross country trip or a weekend gateway, this particular variant of Pirelli tyres is your ideal option. The focus here is on offering comfort, efficiency and longevity. The compound and tread pattern used in this tyre is ideal for the summer season. It offers an optimum grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

    Ice Zero

    For performance car owners who are planning to purchase winter-specific tyres, Ice Zero can be a suitable product. The denser sipes evacuate water quickly. Also, the double claw stud paired with them further improves the traction.

    CINTURATO Winter

    These tyres come with 4-D multi-active sipes, thus offering better braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

    CINTURATO All Season

    This all-season tyre offers improved comfort and better handling, and the directional tread pattern further ensures that.


    If you are searching for an all-terrain tyre that provides reliability and performance, this all-season product from Pirelli is your answer. It offers excellent traction off-road as well as on-road.

    Therefore, instead of searching for ‘tyres near me’, contact us and find the right tyres for your vehicle.

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